Treat your loved ones and business colleagues to a really memorable occasion.



Event centre

Multi – purpose hall

Internet Facility

Computer and business centre


Event Centre

Fixed tent with capacity to handle 700 guests

Giant tent with capacity to handle 2,000 guests

Round hall with the capacity to handle 200 guests

Swimming pool arena with the capacity to handle 500 guests

Night club with the capacity to handle 200 guests


State Of The Art Multi-purpose Hall

The resort has completed the construction of an international standard multi-purpose hall (also named the ‘Omooba Peter Fariogun Fajemisin Memorial Multipurpose Hall’). It has a big hall that can sit, for banqueting between 1,100 to 1,800, and up to 2,500 guest for theatre arrangement. The hall can also serve as a big conventional hall with stage performance equipments, lighting and sound effect.

There are also small conference rooms with capacity of between 50 to 100 participants depending on the type of arrangement.


Internet Facility

The resort has a stable connection of internet facility in all its room, with both wireless and LAN connection


Computer and Business Centre

A full working computer and business centre, that is internet ready with printing and laminating equipments etc.

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